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( Created date: 31-Dec-2004 )

President Chandrika Kumaratunga yesterday invited local media personnel and the international media men who have converged to cover the aftermath of the tsunami disaster. She explained to the journalists the government's plans to reconstruct the ravaged infrastructure. The reconstruction process of the Tsunami-hit areas would begin on January 15, all political parties and the LTTE
would be involved Kumaratunga said.

The President said the current estimates of reconstruction would cost the nation nearly a Rs. 100 billion. "All political parities including the opposition leader has willingly accepted the proposal and we have already written to the LTTE. Their response is expected soon," she said adding that the reconstruction hopefully will be completed in six months.

She thanked the international community and the civil society that volunteered almost immediate assistance. The President who had just returned to the capital after touring tsunami hit areas in the East said the scale of human destruction and the colossal damage to infrastructure astounded her.

Responding to queries the Kumaratunga denied reports that the North East was being neglected and said since Monday relief supplies were being sent to the affected areas in the North East including the uncleared areas under LTTE control.



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