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Life and Supplies Fast Returning to Normal in Jaffna

( Created date: 13-Dec-2006 )

Life in Jaffna is fast returning to normal following successful action by the Government to provide a regular supply of essentials to the people there, despite the many obstacles placed by the LTTE.

Special measures taken by the Government have prevented a price hike in commodities during the coming festive season, and ensured the maintaining of adequate supplies with no shortages. Food, other essential commodities and fuel are now readily available in Jaffna with the recent hardships being rapidly eased.

It is now confirmed that the essential consumer items transported by sea to Jaffna and distributed through coops are available at the same prices as in Colombo. Investigations in the markets showed the following prices for some essentials: All varieties of rice – Rs. 40 – 50 per kg; sugar – Rs. 63/kg; dhal Rs. 73/kg; Lakspray and Nespray – Rs. 172 per regular pack; Anchor milk – Rs. 163 per regular pack; flour – Rs. 43/kg.

The Government has taken adequate measures to ensure the availability of the essential needs of the North, including Jaffna, which amounts to 24,000 to 25,000 Metric Tons per month. While six vessels are used regularly from Colombo and Trincomalee to keep these stocks at safe levels, from next month a container vessel will also be used for this work.

This shows the success of actions taken by the relevant ministries and departments, the armed forces and police, the private sector, people’s organizations, political parties and volunteer organizations to ease the situation of the Jaffna populace, under the direction of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.


 The problems of the fishing community in Jaffna have been considerably eased by the relaxing of many of the restrictions placed on fishing in the lagoons of Vadamarachchi and Thanamarachchi. This was done after discussions between organizations of fishermen and representatives of Government.

Further, the families of fisherman who are yet unable to carry on their trade are given a daily payment and supplied with dry rations, by government. Members of these families are also directed to other income generating trades, until conditions further improve.

Power & Fuel

Power supply is now available in Jaffna for 18 hours a day. It is expected to increase this to 20 hours from next month.

The Government has been successful in meeting the fuel needs of the Jaffna peninsula. There are sufficient stocks in all filling stations and storage depots of the Petroleum Corporation. Also, two ships now carry fuel to the peninsula on a regular basis.

There are now more than 800,000 litres of all types of fuel in store in Jaffna. Each filling station stocks in excess of 200,000 lt of fuel. In addition, the vessel Dunhinda is at present transporting 140,000 lt of fuel to the peninsula.

In order to serve the transport needs of the people, the sea and air transport facilities to and from Jaffna will be expanded and strengthened from next month. Arrangements have been made to have five flights daily to and from Jaffna, from January 07. There will also be two vessels sailing between Colombo and Trincomalee each day.

In addition, Lion Air, Expo, Aero Lanka and Sri Lankan will provide aircraft for the transport of cargo to the peninsula.

To further ease the conditions in Jaffna, the Government will also facilitate the sending of any special produce, equipment, machinery and other needs by individuals and organizations to meet the needs of the people in the North. Action is being taken to ascertain the requirements of NGOs and foreign organizations that are assisting the people of Jaffna, to enable them to obtain their requirements with the least delay and transport them to Jaffna.

The vessels used for the transport of food and other essentials to Jaffna will be used to bring products of the people of Jaffna to Colombo for purposes of trade, and also to help export them. Steps have already been taken to ship 3200 kg of marine produce from Jaffna to Colombo for export to Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. This stock is valued of US$ 45,000.

In order increase production by farmers in the peninsula, sufficient stocks of vegetable seeds, fertilizer and insecticides have been sent to Jaffna. Considerable stocks of cement and building materials have also been sent there, while these quantities will be increased in keeping with demand.

The Government seeks the support of organizations, other than those already helping it to overcome the many obstacle placed by the LTTE in supplying the people of Jaffna with their daily needs, to also assist it in this task.



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