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Deliberate Hostile Act by the LTTE

( Created date: 22-Dec-2005 )

This morning two dinghies of the Sri Lanka Navy engaged in a routine Lagoon patrolling operation off the coast of Pallimunai near Mannar Island came under attack by the LTTE. The two SLN craft had approached a flotilla of several fishing vessels when around ten LTTE boats surrounded and fired at the SLN craft. The LTTE have captured three of the Sailors in the ensuing gun battle after immobilizing one of the SLN craft.

The Government of Sri Lanka considers this action a deliberate hostile act committed by the LTTE. The SLN craft were engaged in conducting their legitimate task as set out in Article 1.3 of the Ceasefire Agreement when they came under attack. The LTTE has carried out a pre-planned offensive operation against the SLN and taken hostage three Sailors in clear violation of the Ceasefire Agreement.

The GOSL strongly condemns this attack on the SLN, which is another in a series of provocative attacks mounted on the Security Forces in the North and East over the last few weeks. The Government is in contact with the SLMM in an attempt to secure the release of the Sailors taken hostage this morning.

It is apparent that there is a concerted effort by the LTTE to raise the intensity of the violence in the North and East. The government will continue to act with restraint, but take all necessary measures to ensure that the Security Forces are not impeded in carrying out their legitimate tasks.

These provocative and hostile acts carried out by the LTTE on a regular basis, is testing the patience of the Government, especially at a time when President Rajapaksa is making a resolute effort to resume talks and move the peace process forward.

It is regrettable that the LTTE has chosen to totally disregard the Statement issued by the Co-Chairs on 19 December 2005. We urge the international community to exert maximum pressure on the LTTE for release of all Security Forces and Police personnel taken hostage by the LTTE and to desist from engaging in hostile acts that would further escalate the volatile situation in the North and East.

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