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Japanese Government Representative Mr. Yasushi Akashi Visits Sri Lanka to Assess Ground Situation

( Created date: 07-Nov-2002 )

Mr. Akashi who was responsible for the UN Transitional Administration in Cambodia in the early 1990s and former Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs of the UN arrived in Sri Lanka on 4th November for a one week visit.

7th November, 2002

Mr. Akashi who is also the Head of the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention has been appointed by the Government of Japan as its Representative to Sri Lanka with a mandate for Peace Building, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. Mr. Akashi’s appointment has a special significance as this is the first occasion when the Japanese Government has appointed a special representative with such a wide mandate in advance of a final solution to an internal conflict.

Mr. Akashi is accompanied by Mr. Hajime Hayashi, Counsellor, Cabinet Secretariat, Mr. Takio Yamada, Director, Southwest Division, Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Koji Yonetani, Deputy Director, Development Cooperation Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hajime Ueda, Asst. Director, Southwest Asia Division, Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Nobumitsu Kamio, an official of the Humanitarian Assistance Division, Multi Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Akashi’s programme in Sri Lanka includes courtesy calls on H.E. the President, Hon. Prime Minister, other political leaders, UN agencies based in Colombo and members of the Government Negotiating Team. The delegation visited the eastern province on Nov. 4th and Kilinochchi on Nov.7th from where they will proceed to Jaffna.

Upon his return to Japan, Mr. Akashi is expected to brief the Japanese Government on the ground situation in Sri Lanka and make preparations for the donor conference scheduled to be held in Tokyo some time in 2003.


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