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Oslo Peace Talks On Track

( Created date: 04-Dec-2002 )

The Third Session of the Sri Lanka Peace Talks commenced at Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel in Oslo on Monday 2nd December 2002.

The first meeting of the Third Session took stock of developments on the ground following the establishment of the Sub-committee on De-escalation and Normalization, as well as addressed other related matters, including law and order situation. The participants noted the progress achieved thus far in resolving mutual security concerns, and discussed ways and means of furthering their cooperation, particularly in the Jaffna peninsular. It was noted that in the Eastern Province, many positive developments are taking place following the meetings of the district committees of the Sub-committee.

The second meeting held on Tuesday 3rd December was preceded by a discussion involving the two delegations and the representatives of the Forum of Federations based in Canada. Hon. Bob Rae, Chairman of the Board of Directors presented to the two parties an overview of the functioning of the organization and offered to provide technical assistance to the parties in their search for a suitable model.

The report of the Sub-committee on Immediate Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Needs in the North and East was taken up for consideration. Matters relating to the establishment of the Secretariat, North-East Reconstruction Fund and related issues received attention.

At the third meeting, the two parties discussed political matters. The principles and operational modalities of the Sub-committee on Political Matters were also considered. Further, it was agreed to set up a Sub-committee on Gender Issues, in order to address issues relating to women in the context of the peace process.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vidar Helgessen chaired the meeting, assisted by Ambassador Jon Westborg and Erik Solheim.



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