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Second meeting of the Sub-committee on Immediate Humanitarian & Rehabilitation Needs in the North & East (SIHRN)

( Created date: 13-Dec-2002 )

The second meeting of the SIHRN will take place on 15th & 16th December 2002 in Kilinochchi. It will start on Sunday 15th at 1400 hrs, after the opening ceremony of the Secretariat. The meeting is scheduled to end at 1800 hrs on the 15th, to continue the following day from 0900 to 1200.

Matters to be taken up at the meeting include, among others, the provisional budget of the Secretariat, its organizational structure, and selection of a custodian of the fund (NERF).

The Government delegation will be headed by Mr Bernard Goonatillake. Other members of the delegation are Mr R Buhardeen M.P., Mr M D Dharmasiri Peiris and Mr M I M Rafeek. There will also be delegations of the Norwegian and Japanese embassies headed by the respective Ambassadors.

The SIHRN Secretariat in Kilinochchi will be headed by Mr S Ireneuss of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service. Others of the Secretariat’s management team comprise Mr D D Amaratunga and Mr Sulaima Lebbe Mohamed Faleel (formerly the Assistant Registrar, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Addalachchenai). The Norwegian government, which is the facilitator of the SIHRN, has agreed to make an initial contribution of Kr.1 million to the Secretariat.

In the interest of the media, there will be a brief photo session prior to the start of the meeting on Sunday 15th and a press meeting at the conclusion on Monday 16th.



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