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Housing projects in Sri Lanka by India

15 November 2011

Assistance with housing has been an important part of support for resettlement in the North provided by India to the government of Sri Lanka. This took many forms, beginning with they supply during early resettlement of four consignments of Galvanized Corrugated Iron Sheets used for creating shelter for IDPs. A total of over one million sheets were supplied between August 2009 and May 2011, helping build temporary shelter for about 65,000 families.  The project cost $11.78 million.

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Moving Forward : Commerce in the North

2 October 2011

One of the most heartening aspects of the Resettlement process was the manner in which people began immediately to take initiatives. The President had been keen for resettlement to start early so that the Rice Bowl could be harvested in 2009 itself. Action was not as quick as he had wanted, but the inhabitants still managed to cultivate I think 6,000 acres, as seen here, and the next year the figure doubled.

But even more remarkable I felt, way back in 2009, was the revitalization of commerce. The small wayside shops were well stocked, and the owners were obviously happy with the business they were doing. The old lady in the second picture was one of the first to start, but now there are many more. We can see here, in addition to the commercial main streets of Nachchikuda and Pooneryn, little shops in Velvettithurai and Vallipuram, scenes of fierce fighting and maximum control by the LTTE in the past.
Notable too is the resurgence in fishing. After years of restrictions, given the threats and the use made by the LTTE of fishing expeditions, fishing is going on apace on both the eastern and the western coasts. We see here part of the fishing fleet in Mannar, and also early morning activity in Velvettithurai, once the stronghold of Prabhakaran. 


Moving Forward : Housing in the North

29 September 2011


Given the vast complaints we hear from monsters such as Siobhain McDonagh about the lack of basic amenities in the North, I was pleasantly surprised by the vast number of housing projects that are being implemented. Some of these are being done by the armed forces, which I was glad about since some time back there were complaints by the more dogmatic NGOs that the army was too involved in assistance. I still remember how astonished I was when one activist said that the forces should not help single parents to build houses since that would increase the culture of dependence.


Obviously dependence on NGOs is considered something positive, but dependence on the forces that saved them from the Tigers must be deplored – doubtless because it contributes to the development of a Sri Lankan identity, when what is wanted is a culture that prevents our people coming together.  Be that as it may, I will highlight here projects in the various areas I visited, as also indications of increasing economic activity.

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Moving Forward : Schools in the North

27 September 2011


One of the more perceptive foreign observers of Sri Lanka spoke to me with some regret last week about the enormous time and energy wasted in rebuttal of various allegations against the country. I could not have agreed more with his regrets, but I had to note that all this was made necessary by the perverse performances of a few Western commentators and politicians.


The manner in which the Darusman report is being abused is indeed truly astonishing. I am indebted to my father for the comparison he made with what is happening now, and what J R Jayewardene did to Mrs Bandaranaike. He appointed a Commission to look into various allegations made against her, claiming that this was simply a fact finding operation, and would have no judicial powers. Accordingly he the Commission did not operate to judicial standards, and ended up recording and regurgitating a lot of hearsay.

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