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About the Peace Secretariat

SCOPP office at BMICH, Colombo 7.Born out of a need to institutionalise the peace process, the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) was established on 06 February 2002 with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.  The Secretariat was headed by Bernard Goonetilleke (2002-2004), Jayantha Dhanapala (2004-2005) and Dr. Palitha Kohona (2006-2007).  Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha was the Secretary General of SCOPP until its closure on 31 July 2009.

Secretary General
Deputy Secretary General

SCOPP employees were drawn from both private and public sectors and included specialists in Communications, Diplomacy, Economics, and Law.

For over two years since its inception, SCOPP was under the direct purview of the Prime Minister.  It was then brought under the direct purview of H.E. the President.

SCOPP was primarily a coordinating and facilitating body.  It was the main instrument of the Government to consolidate and strengthen the peace process.  SCOPP engaged in extensive consultations with all stakeholders involved in the peace process, including the public and private sectors, civil society, donor community and line agencies on a regular basis.


To act as the cutting edge of the Government to consolidate and strengthen the peace process on behalf of all Sri Lankan citizens, whilst promoting a negotiated settlement to the current conflict.


To develop confidence in the peace process and its potential benefits for all Sri Lankan citizens, whilst building up an institution that is equitable and acts in the national interest of all our people, and is accepted as such.



  1. To act as a resource centre for the Government and its representatives in any negotiations and contribute to their appreciation of the various needs and requirements of all affected parties; and
  2. To liaise with facilitators and potential facilitators of the peace process so as to:
  • ensure synergy by bringing together all possible stakeholders and developing awareness of the wider benefits of cooperation and mutual understanding
  • promote activities that develop a sense of ownership, responsibility and commitment amongst all Sri Lankan citizens with regard to the peace process and related reforms
  • promote constitutional changes that will ensure security and confidence for all citizens whilst facilitating efficiency and .good governance'
  • ensure commitment, in particular through its own practices, to truth and objectivity in reporting events and responses to them, and minimize distortion and innuendo that will weaken confidence in the peace process
  • remove barriers to economic activity and social intercourse, whilst recognizing and respecting security constraints due to continuing terrorist activity
  • drive livelihood development activities, and in particular for lOPS, with relevant stakeholders so that adequate income generation alternatives are provided to the people in the East and North
  • facilitate training and education as well as investment in areas affected by war so as to enhance opportunities for individuals as well as the wider society in such areas
  • initiate programmes that would contribute to greater understanding of mutual needs and. promote strategies to satisfy these
  • ensure transparency in its relations with stakeholders and encourage all of them to work to similar standards
  • enhance understanding of other peace processes and assess their relevance to the Sri Lankan situation


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